How do you preserve flowers?

I use silica gel to preserve flowers.  Silica gel is a desiccant (meaning, it is a substance that can absorb moisture) that looks like white sand crystals.  You may have seen tiny silica gel packs inside new purses and shoes.  Those tiny packets contain several grams of silica gel, just enough to keep your purchase dry. 

Silica gel-dried flowers retain their original shape and size.  They do not shrivel. 

A note about color:  No matter how you dry flowers, whether it's air drying, pressing, silica gel drying, freeze drying, or another method, white flowers will turn ivory or sometimes even yellow, red flowers will darken, and pale colors like peach and pink may fade to ivory.  This is normal.  Also, over time the color of your flowers may fade or “antique”.  Paler flowers lose their colors faster than deeper colors.  Keeping your flowers out of direct sunlight is one way to postpone this fading. As soon as I receive your bouquet, I catalog the number of flowers, the kinds of flowers, the condition of the flowers, and I take several photos for my records. 

Then, I carefully take apart your bouquet. 

Flowers that are squished, browned, shriveled, or otherwise beyond repair are thrown away.  If the flower is still firm, but just has a little bit of brown on the edges, I will trim the brown edges off.

Each flower is buried individually in silica gel for up to two weeks. 

Once the flowers are dried, I glue them so the petals don’t fall off in the future and then I spray them with a light coat of satin finish.  This finish brings out their color and removes any residual silica gel dust that may be on the flowers.

It is my hope that you are completely satisfied with the quality of your dried flowers.  To dry the average bouquet, I spend anywhere from 5 to 10 hours preserving the flowers - in addition to the time I spend designing the shadow box or other creation - and I hope you’ll agree that the time, and the price, is worth it!

How long does this take?

Preservation alone will take about 2-3 weeks. After preservation, much of the timing is up to each customer. The design selection is the next step. After a design layout and frame has been selected,  we will need all your inclusions, picture, invitation, cards or any other memorabilia. The faster you work with me,  the faster I can have your keepsake done!

How soon after the wedding do you need the bouquet?

As soon as possible. The faster you get your flowers to me, the nicer they will dry.

How do I order my frame?

1) Determine what style of frame you want to go with:

•Shadowbox • Acrylic dome

2) Decide what memorablia your would like to include in your keepsake: Please keep in mind that adding additional items may require a larger display. When you contact us to discuss your options please have the size of your invitation & other memorablia available so that we can help you determine display size required & shape frame you should go with.

3) Choose your frame:

We suggest you keep in mind two elements when choosing your frame.

•The color of your bouquet & items you are including.

•Your home decor & where you decide to display your flowers.

4) Choose your mat.

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