Flower Care

In order to get the best results for you flowers, the flowers care is important.

Here are some tips tips to help you care for your flowers untill we are able to preserve them for you.

If you know you want your flowers preserved, please call us PRIOR to your wedding!

We will let you know which flowers preserve better then others. We can also help you make arrangements to receive your bouquet & let you know how to take care of your flowers so we receive then in the best condition possible.

•You can ship the flowers to me (call for shipping instructions & to let us know to expect it)

•Have someone drop them off.

•Pick up service is availale depending on where you are located for $35.

Most flowers willl wilt quickly expecially in the summer months. Make sure to keep them in a vase whenever possible at the wedding until we can preserve them.

If you want to have your bouquet preserved, make sure to get a second bouquet that you can throw. That way you can keep your original bouquet for your keepsake.

If you only thought of preserving your flowers after your wedding, Don't worry. Arrange for you Mom, friend, cousin, etc. to take the bouquet & call me ASAP. I will instruct them how to care of the flowers & for Flowers Forever to receive the bouquet ASAP.

Your wedding bouquet can be wraped around the stems with some wet paper towels to keep them moist. Up untill the time of delivery keep them in a vase & in the REFRIGERATOR!


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